Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Population genetics with R

by Maria Casso

Visit at the Centre de Restautació i Interpretació Paleontològica (CRIP).
Last week, I participated in a very interesting course: Exploratory Methods for Population Genetics Using R, organized by Transmitting Science. The course took place in Hostalets de Pierola (Barcelona), from 5th to 9th October. We learnt about some interesting R packages from their very authors, Dr. Emmanuel Paradis and Dr. Thibaut Jombart, who are excellent teachers.

It was intense but also fun as I had the opportunity to play with my own data with the new R packages, with the support and advice of the teachers. Moreover, it was very interesting to meet people working on similar data type than me so with similar problems, as we could discuss about it and maybe found some solutions.

Thanks to the organization, the teachers and the participants!