Friday, November 6, 2015

Lectures at the Course “New Technologies applied to the control and monitoring of invasive species”

by Xavier Turon

In October, 19 to 23, the National Parks Autonomous Agency (OAPN) organised a course on new technologies applied to the study of invasive species in Vigo (Galicia). This course was attended by staff, technicians, and rangers of the National Parks in Spain.

I was invited to give a lecture about “Genetic tools and invasive species”. It was an enjoyable experience, with interested audience that posed clever questions... and of course it was an occasion to enjoy good shellfish “mariscada” typical of Galicia’s gastronomy.

The Cíes Islands, part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands in whose facilities the course was given. The ChallenGen project, in collaboration with the Metabarpark project, has been working on the benthic communities of these Islands.