Saturday, October 27, 2018

CHALLENGEN comes to an end

By Xavier Turon and Marta Pascual

Dear followers of the ChallenGen project, we must announce that the project ended officially the 31st December 2017.
We have waited to make this post so that some papers with results could appear and a new project is up and running.
We are very happy about the success of the ChallenGen project and the advances made in the three main objectives, along with our participation in dissemination and outreach activities and student formation.
We have an impressive list of ca. 50 papers, which is on a par with other projects with much (and we mean real much) more budget available.
These results are level with the output in form of meeting presentations, divulgation activities and media appearance. The team has been keen in reaching both the specialized audiences and the general public.
We also emphasize that 5 PhD theses have been completed or initiated within the project, and 18 MSc theses and 12 Bachelor theses have been presented, always with the highest marks.
We want to congratulate the team of the project for the important results obtained. We are happy to announce that our activity will continue in the framework of a new project funded by the Ministry of Science, the PopCOmics project. In this new project, we seek to continue the development of molecular tools as applied to ecological and conservation issues. Please bookmark the webpage of PopCOmics and watch out for interesting news.

ChallenGen is over, long live PopCOmics!